Zadnje posodobitve Windows 10 na računalnikih z Windows 10 Home OS naredijo tudi sledečo težavo: SKUPNA RABA DATOTEK !


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This is another fix that’s working for Version 1803 breaking networks. Please try it and report back: 

– shut all computer and network gear down then start again. 
– Try browsing to some of the computers manually, press Windows key + R, type: \\computername, hit Enter 
– Press Windows key + R 
Type: services.msc 
Hit Enter 

1. Start the “Function Discovery Provider Host” and “Function Discovery Resource Publication” services, and then set them to Automatic (Delayed Start). 
2. When you open Explorer Network, enable network discovery when you are prompted. 

If not then start over and set it up again:… 

If it still fails go over these troubleshooting steps:… 

restart računalnika.

Mreža mora bti na vseh računalnikih nastavljena na home ali bussiness ne pa public !

če še ne dela:

– Disabling NetBIOS over TCP/IP for all adaptor properties
– Turn on Network Discovery from Advanced Sharing Settings>Network discovery
– (This was the first additional tweak) On the W10 Home computer uncheck the box for “Turn on automatic setup of network connected devices”
– Disable the Computer Browser service on all
– Set FDRP (publication) and FDPH (provider) services to “manual”
– (This was the second additional tweak) On the W10 Home computer I set HomeGroup Provider service from “manual” to “automatic”

Now all the computer names are displayed and stable. But, you mention MS is going to get rid of HomeGroup. That’s the thing which makes WSD stable in my mixed network environment.